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V from BTS will sue a Youtuber

V from BTS said that he will sue a Youtuber:

On Weverse the application that ARMY and BTS communicate in it, an ARMY told V about a youtuber who uploaded a video attacking V as you can see in the photo below:

The youtuber said a harsh comments about V and that made V mad as well as the ARMYs.

V replied to the ARMY that he will sue that Youtuber and will spend the money he will take on snakes.

V reply

He said: “oh?!! I’ll start legal proceedings. I guess I’ll get enough money to buy cookies. Even bothered my family and friends 👍 Good bye~ “.

And he added to another reply to another ARMY that he will do that for all the people who got hurt by the video including his family, friends and ARMYs.

He said: “I just quickly glanced at it, but all artists not just me don’t like/hate those kinds of people. All fans, ARMYs could have monitored or not, but I’m going to sue on behalf of all the people who got hurt and can’t get the courage [to sue]”.

He also reassured the ARMY who they worried about him so he said in another reply:”kekekeke ay, of course! My mental (mentality) is more [stronger] than you think, for example about/as much as suga keke”.

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