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BTS JIN releases his new song SUPER TUNA

BTS JIN releases his new song SUPER TUNA in multiple platforms on his birthday.

This is the song “SUPER TUNA” on soundcloud from BTS JIN:

As well in the YouTube JIN releases a choreographed version of the song as long as with an audio of it:

Choreography video

This is the transation of the song:

SUPER TUNA transation

JIN said on his celebration birthday live earlier today that he shot the choreography video on the day he went to Six Flags in AMERICA.. he woke up early in the morning and went to the beach to record it, the song wasn’t done being mastered back then, it only was finished today.. he told us not to expect much and just enjoy it. Then he shared a teaser of the song:

This is a video of his birthday celebration:

In the live JIN said: “it’s kind of just made for fun and it might be a bit embarrassing for those watching too but you can just take it as a fun song and not too seriously or need to criticize it.. just have fun while enjoying the song”.

Also he said: “I spoke with Son Sungdeuk and asked if it was okay to do this and he wasn’t sure because we were superstars now and putting out something of this kind of quality may be odd. But I thought it would be fun. Please don’t criticize it too much and please just enjoy it.”

Furthermore, Seokjin said he asked mr-Sungdeuk if a choreography is possible. In summary, he tried practicing the song in between but didn’t have much time because of the concert. Although he shot a choreography video but he’s saying the quality is very low and not to expect much constantly.

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