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All of the Instagram records that BTS broke in just 2 days

As we all know BTS recently had their personal accounts on Instagram. In just 2 days BTS members’ accounts broke too many records and these are the most important ones:

Firstly, All of the members of BTS surpass 20 million followers on Instagram. They are V, JUNGKOOK, Jimin, Jin, J-hope Suga and Rm in order.

The most following account among them is V account that surpass 23 million followers on Instagram within about two days of officially opening his account! To remain in the 4th place among the most followed male K-Pop artists, and in the 9th place among the most followed K-Pop artists on the platform.

furthermore, BTS’ V became the fastest ever person to hit 10 million followers on Instagram.

All of BTS members have spots in The most liked k-pop acts posts on Instagram:

1 BTS’ V – 15.2M
2 BTS’ V – 14.7M
3 BTS’ V – 14.6M
4 BTS’ Jin – 14.1M
5 BTS’ Jimin – 13.9M
6 Lisa – 13.7M
7 BTS’ Jungkook – 13.3M
8 BTS’ J-hope – 12.6M
9 BTS’ RM – 12.5M
10 BTS’ Jimin – 12.1M
11 BTS’ j-hope – 12M
12 BTS’ Suga – 11.78M

Note that V’s post, which occupies the first place, is also the most liked post by an Asian artist in the history of the platform, and V is the first and only Asian artist to have 3 posts that surpass 14.6 million likes on the platform.

As well Yeontan, Kim Taehyung’s pet, became the most liked dog on Instagram history with 15 million likes surpassing Ariana Grande’s dog.

Now V is the first and only Asian artist to have two posts with 15 million likes, achieved this feat on the platform.

RM becomes the first and only Asian artist to have 7 posts, each of which achieved more than 10 million likes on the platform.

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